Willow Welcomes 2015

Welcome to Willow Developments (Midlands) Limited, and welcome to the New Year.

2015 has kicked off to a flying start for Willow.

On the home front, we’ve welcomed several new members to our office-based team. These include Gordon Sanderson, who has taken on the role of Operations Manager to accommodate for an increase in capacity. Having previously worked with a number of supply companies, Gordon’s many years of industry expertise have already provided us with a fresh perspective. The labour team has taken on new faces from across the country, from experienced plasterers to government apprentice scheme participants, setting our current numbers at around 120 self-employed workers.

We moved from 2014 with a nod to our social responsibility, as our end-of-year festivities saw a fantastic £1,130 raised for Combat Stress, a charity close to our hearts. Our social calendar is set to be above par for this year too, as plans for a “Willow Cup” golf and networking event go under way.

In terms of our corporate development, 2014 was a pleasant year for Willow as we stake our claim in the recovering economy. It’s no secret that the construction industry fared badly during the recession period. As per Parliamentary research papers: Output in the construction sector fell faster than the whole economy in 2008. 2009 saw the sector recover faster than the economy as a whole, and 2010 and 2011 saw broadly flat growth, followed by another contraction in 2012 and partial recovery through 2013. But whilst the industry is yet to return to its pre-2008 levels of contribution to the UK economy, an upturn in the housing market buttressed by buoyant sales and new development projects has reflected well for companies like Willow. As a result of careful management and corporate frugality, we exceeded forecast expectations for 2014 and are in a strong position moving forward, with a number of new contracts either confirmed or currently in discussions.

Going forward, we remain focussed on working in cooperation with both new and longstanding partners to ensure flourishing enterprise for all involved.